Marriage Ceremony

Elopement Ceremony

A Celebrant officiated ceremony is one of the most personally, rewarding experiences you may have. On the wedding day, I will be your official presence and guide you and your guests through a customized, one of a kind, transformative ceremony. I use the word transformative because once the ceremony begins, you start moving from being who you have been to who you will be.

Understanding the Legalities:

  • In Pennsylvania, marriage is controlled by the State. A license may be obtained from any county court house when a couple appears there together. Once obtained, after a three day waiting period, you have 60 days to use the license. No witnesses are required for the signing of your license. After solemnizing your union, I as your ordained minister will officially expedite your license and return the appropriate portion of the document to the courthouse from which it was obtained.
  • In Ohio there is no waiting period. You have 60 days to use the license.
  • In Maryland there is a 48 hour waiting period. You have 6 months to use the license.


Other Ceremoniesother-cerem-photos

  • Vow Recommitment Ceremony
  • Memorial Ceremony (human or pet)
  • Home Blessing Ceremony
  • Divorce Support Ceremony
  • Baby Naming Ceremony
  • Mother’s Blessing Way Ceremony

For any of the above, you can expect:

  • Free consultation to determine your specific needs
  • A written ceremony containing your edits and tailored to portray your unique journey
  • Early arrival at your ceremony
  • Professional ceremony conducted on time
  • Use of a PA system
  • A keepsake copy of your ceremony script

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Whether a simple, no fuss ceremony or intricately detailed ceremony, your officiant must discover the proper balance, inform key vendors and instruct ceremony participants. Because each ceremony is different, the amount of preparation time varies. Celebrant ceremony prices range from $500—$1000 with the average being $750 and cover: interviews, unlimited script drafts, complimentary script keepsake, same day rehearsal and travel.

Marriage Ceremony

The sky is the limit! You are limited only by your own creativity.  As your officiating Celebrant my role is to help those you have gathered to bear witness to your love story. With your (hopefully enthusiastic) input, I will craft a wedding script that you get to approve (totally), On your wedding day I will lovingly guide you as we showcase special customs, rituals and elements that have meaning to you.  When all is completed on your wedding day, it will be my honor to handle the details of validating your marriage license and see that it is returned to the proper governmental office.

Vow Renewal Ceremony

When you want to celebrate a milestone year in your marriage, or to publicly state what your marriage means to you, a re-commitment ceremony similar your first wedding may be just right for you. It is usually formal and orchestrated. As your officiating, Celebrant, I will bring forward the experiences and relationships that have supported your union and served as binding elements of your marriage.  Together, we will create a memorable ceremony for you to cherish forever.

Home Blessing Ceremony

Many wonderful occasions can be marked with a blessing ceremony. House Blessings, allow you to acknowledge the factors, people and institutions of the past that have lead you to your present home situation. As your Celebrant, I will write a ceremony to blessing your abode that takes into consideration your customs, wants and needs.

Baby Naming Ceremony

Formally announcing a name is precisely the best way to honor a new life. It is a time when parents make known their intentions for this new life and may include others who have accepted the invitation to be a guiding presence in the new one’s life. Your ceremony can be formal or informal and include many elements as contained in a wedding (music, readings, vows, feast, etc.). As your Celebrant I will write a special Welcome, guide special customs/activities and end with a fitting Closing that will be pre- approved by you.

Elopement Ceremony

A core characteristic of an elopement ceremony is, it is spontaneous, simple and includes less than 5 wedding guests. Because of the abridged time to prepare a ceremony, I have a simple and sweet ceremony ready and waiting. I’d love to share that very special time with the two of you and those you’ll gather together to celebrate your wedding.  And with great delight, I will handle the details of validate your marriage license with the proper governmental office.

Memorial Ceremony (human or pet)

A Memorial Service or Celebration of Life can take place any time after the death of a loved one. This can give people time to plan and consider how they want the loved one remembered especially if the service does not take place immediately after death. When asked to perform an end of life ceremony, my chief aim is to dignify the life of your departed one. I will create a fitting service that takes into consideration the needs of your family.

Divorce Support Ceremony

People often raise eyebrows when a divorce ceremony is mentioned. But why not pay tribute to and acknowledge the new life you are embarking upon. It is a life transition from the state of being a married to no longer being a married person. As your celebrant I will help you to lay claim your new life. Together will create a beautiful ceremony full of hope and promise for the future.

Mother's Blessing Way Ceremony

Simply stated, a blessing way is a party that contains a ceremony that focuses on the mother to be.   Also known as Mother’s Blessing, this is an intimate party inspired by an ancient Navajo ceremony called a “ blessing way”. The ceremony is held to prepare an expectant mother for her upcoming birth journey and to shower the mom-to-be with love, support and encouragement. As your Celebrant, I will guide you and show you how to design a ceremony that flows.

The Celebrant Foundation has been featured on CNN, TED Talks, MSNBC
The Celebrant Foundation has been featured on CNN, TED Talks, MSNBC