Claiming to be “the best” is subjective. It is sort of like “beauty being in the eye of the beholder.”

Weddings are a time that couples insist on the best their money can buy. The desire for being “the best” has been a driving force in my approach to becoming a wedding specialist. Before becoming an ordained Minister and certified Life-Cycle Celebrant I spent 14 years planning weddings.  And, I can tell you, I have never met an ordinary bride or groom. They do not want to settle for anything less than the best.

Modern wedding ceremonies are trending toward collaboration between the officiant and the couple. Today’s couples are expecting their ceremony to exemplify all the extraordinary arrangements that have been made leading to guests witnessing the special occasion.

So then, how do you know when you have it (the best)?  I propose it is in the connection you feel when you talk with your officiant.

  • Will they do precisely what you want them to? I will.
  • Will they spend time with you and give you an entire written script of what they intend to say during your wedding ceremony? I will.
  • Will they allow you to approve what they are going to say during your ceremony? I will.
  • Will they do the extra work of providing Ceremony Keepsakes?  I will.

What makes an officiant the best is not just performing a ceremony, but one who will perform YOUR CEREMONY.  And, I WILL.