Wedding Celebrant in Harrisburg

GREAT CELEBRATIONS  wedding celebrant in Harrisburg specializes in personalized ceremony creation. Drawing upon many years’ experience as event planners, in 2016 we streamlined and refocused our service.

We offer both Celebrant and Traditional Officiant Service.

When planning a special occasion, many vendors make up the totality of the event. However, when it comes to the actual ceremony (the most meaningful part of the occasion) we have found that clients experience confusion or completely fail to consider what they truly want communicated during their gathering. GREAT CELEBRATIONS’ Celebrant Service alleviates that concern.

Be it a “celebration of life” for a dear one, wedding, anniversary, vow renewal, birthday, baby naming or divorce support ceremony we will design a personalized ceremony that ushers you over the threshold to the new life, the new year, or the venture that you wish to commemorate.

Civil Ceremonies

We write and perform non-secular civil ceremony as well as ceremony with sacred references.

It is important that you be comfortable with your Celebrant or Officiant, so please feel free to call and chat with us about your needs. We will never pressure you to buy our service.

Wedding Celebrant in Harrisburg

Call or email Jacqueline Smith-Bennett for quotes or more information! We are very excited to talk to you about your special event or wedding. We are here to serve you!