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“Your Ceremony – Your way”

Be it a wedding, memorial service or any other milestone event, a ceremony is an occasion to acknowledge and celebrate an important life transition. It should reflect your needs, beliefs and values.

Each ceremony we prepare is built from the bottom up, beginning with convenient emails, texts and phone calls intended to acquaint the client and officiant with each other as well as elicit insights that will result in a unique, one of a kind customized ceremony.

As nondenominational wedding officiants we are free from a particular religions’ requirements. Interfaith wedding ceremonies and ceremonies that honor ancestral faiths and traditions are welcomed.

We meet the legal requirements to solemnize marriages in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ohio.

What Makes Us Different? A huge factor is the investment of time to co-create with the client a masterpiece ceremony. Another distinction is our goal of designing authentic ceremonies. And yet another distinguishing aspect of our service is the care we take to produce a ceremony that is inclusive and makes guests and witnesses feel like participants in the ceremony.

Who Is Our Ideal Client? Whether is an elaborate or simple, no fuss ceremony it is about mutual connection, having fun and being able to please the client. We are eager to work with those who care about having a ceremony oriented around their story and their life and who believe GREAT Celebrations can deliver what they want.


Jacqueline Smith-Bennett
Ordained Minister
Life Cycle Celebrant
Event Expert
Ceremony Specialist
Wedding Officiant

How to choose the best officiant

Claiming to be “the best” is subjective. It is sort of like “beauty being in the eye of the beholder.” Weddings are a time that couples insist on the best their money can buy. The desire for being “the best” has been a driving force in my approach to becoming a...

What People Are Saying…

We had an amazing experience with Great Celebrations! Jacqueline was well spoken, professional and real. We loved her special touches to our ceremony. Her chime idea for our loved ones was so touching. We would not have known all these special touches without her service. I would recommend her to all brides. Thank you Great Celebrations for making our wedding special.

Mrs. K. Gholston

Dublin, Ohio

Great Celebrations handled the arrangements for my 50th birthday celebration. Jacqueline who also emceed is a master at planning and a gifted speaker. It was a special time in my life that I will always remember…

Brenda John

Harrisburg, PA

The planning of our “comeback” Borough Amani Festival was expertly coordinated and facilitated by Jacqueline and her team. Her guidance and articulation inspired confidence in the Board and kept us all moving toward the same goals. It was a tremendous success…

Mayor Tim Scott

Carlisle, PA

Reverend Smith-Bennett delivered personalized scriptural remarks during my mother’s memorial service. Her words were heartfelt and comforted my family during a time of unexpected and great sorrow…

Steve Greenlaw

Solon, OH

Our wedding day and our intimate ceremony was PERFECT thanks to Rev. Jacqueline who put just the right words to our customized ceremony. We love that she sent us a copy of the ceremony.

Mr. & Mrs. P. Grant

Carlisle, PA

When Rev. Bennett is called upon in an officiating capacity, I’ve noticed her care to include everyone with language that acknowledges and takes into consideration all beliefs and non-beliefs. I highly recommend her as a public speaker…

Stephanie Christ

Upper Allen Township, PA

Over the past two years, when partnering with Jacqueline on personal and professional projects I have always found her to be creative, artistic and efficient. Her spiritual talents are evident and brings a feeling of calmness in tense situations…

Pat Gadsden

Life Esteem Holistic Wellness Center, Harrisburg, PA

Officiant provided our wedding elopement ceremony as requested. Very flexible service and very professional. A great experience. Thank you!!!!

Debra Y

Camp Hill, PA

The Celebrant Foundation has been featured on CNN, TED Talks, MSNBC
The Celebrant Foundation has been featured on CNN, TED Talks, MSNBC